Dispelling Myths About Long-Term Care Homes

By sdugas - January 12th 2014.

There’s no stopping Father Time. Try as we might to avoid it, eventually we all get old. And, when the time comes, we’ll all be forced to make the difficult decision about elderly care and assisted living. When, if ever, is the best time to make the move from independent living to a senior’s residence? What will the quality of care be like? Will there be amenities and activities that interest me?

These are the types of questions that our developers and administrators take very seriously here at Sharon Village Care Homes. In fact, we’ve made great strides in recent years, presenting seniors with an array of impressive retirement and long-term care facilities. That being said, misconceptions about nursing home living arrangements still persist.

If you’ve dismissed senior care facilities based on preconceived notions of the “traditional” nursing home experience, now’s the perfect time to review this opinion. The following are five myths concerning long-term care facilities and retirement communities that, when taken as truths can sometimes complicated or mislead seniors from making an informed decision about their future.

Myth #1 – My current home is the best place for me to age.

Many elderly individuals believe that home is the best place to age. But that’s just not the reality of the situation. Seniors that decide to stay at home are often bogged down by menial everyday chores, such as housework and grocery shopping. Someone that chooses to age in a retirement facility, on the other hand, is able to avoid these increasingly difficult tasks all together. This enables them to spend more time socializing and engaging in learning activities. While it’s true that a long-term care facility can’t provide the comforts and memories of home, it can offer an escape from the hassles of homeownership.

Myth #2 – It’s more affordable to stay in my home.

Maintaining a house is expensive – even if the mortgage is miles behind you. Taxes, utilities, insurance – all of these items add up. Oh, and don’t forget about food and entertainment costs. Assisted living centres are designed to help you better manage these expenses, building them into consistent monthly dues. What’s more, government assistance is available in many cases to help cover some of the costs associated with long-term care.

Myth #3 – Home health care is a better option.

Care HomesIn some cases, yes. However home health care services do nothing to help improve a senior’s social community. In fact, in many cases home health care services can further isolate an individual. An expensive option, home health care doesn’t provide 24/7 assistance, nor does it guarantee emergency care. Family members are often required to shoulder a great deal of the responsibility, helping out with areas of care that they’re not properly trained in. Retirement communities and modern nursing homes help alleviate this unfair burden and ensure that the client is provided with proper, professional care.

Myth #4 – Nursing homes are only for the sick.

This is absolutely not the case. Today’s senior care centres are designed for living; a place where retirees can meet new friends and participate in activities that interest them. Health care is certainly a priority at many long-term care facilities, as is quality of life, entertainment and nutrition.

Myth #5 – I’ll be treated poorly.

While this may be the case at other senior care homes, it certainly isn’t here at Sharon Village. Each and every one of our staff members are caring and compassionate professionals. Dedicated to providing the highest quality of care possible, the Sharon Village Care Homes’ team will go above and beyond the call of duty to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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