Life at Strathcona

If you enjoy an active social life and value your independence, but are seeking a slower pace of life and comfortable living arrangements, now might be the perfect time to consider moving into an age-restricted retirement community.

What’s it Like Living in a Sharon Village Adult Community?

Life in our age-restricted community is very much like life outside the community. At Strathcona Village, we provide our residents with many of the same advantages that come along with owning your own home, minus the hassle of ongoing maintenance requirements. Take pride in your property without having to worry about its upkeep – it’s as easy as moving into a Strathcona condominium.

Speaking of activities, you’ll find no shortage of things to do and enjoy in Mount Forest community. Unique fitness facilities and lush, landscaped public parks provide residents with plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy life, while gathering spaces, like local cafés and restaurants, offer a convenient place to meet old (and new) friends.

The Freedom of Choice

Whether you plan to stay for just a few years or for the rest of your life, it’s important that you find accommodations that suit your unique needs and physical requirements. At Strathcona Village Homes, we’re proud to offer our residents a number of floor plans to choose from in order to ensure exceptional comfort and safety for years to come. From single-story homes to larger multi-story units, Strathcona has a layout to suit the needs of practically any resident.