Kensington Village

Kensington Village Outdoor seating area
The Kensington Village property is a 76-bed facility located in London, Ontario. A fully renovated and furnished partial basement is utilized for common area activities and support services.

Property Amenities

We are pleased that you are considering making Kensington Village your new home. Your comfort and happiness is our goal and we want to co-operate with you to meet your total needs- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

We offer a secure environment where you can be as independent and active as possible but where supporting or assisting services are available when they are needed.

Hopefully the following information can answer some of the questions that you may have.

  • CLOTHING When you arrive your clothing will be marked so that they are easily sorted and brought back to you after they have been laundered. When you have additional items of clothing brought in, please make sure these are provide to the nursing station to be labeled. There is a valet service available, for an extra charge, if desired.

    We wish to provide you with a room that is a congenial place-clean, safe and above all, homelike.If you choose ward or semi-private accommodation, every effort is made to find a compatible room-mate for you. Housekeeping staff thoroughly clean your room regularly but we know that you will take pride in keeping your room tidy as this your home.

    You are encouraged to decorate your room with small items of your favorite furniture-plants, paintings, easy chair, or dresser. Space limitations will need to be considered but we hope that your room can be a home in a way that is comfortable to you.

    There are cable outlets in each room so that your television can be connected and cable reception can be maintained. We do insist that electrical appliances be inspected by the maintenance department before they are installed.

    Of course, you can also have your own telephone installed in your room. You are responsible for payment of these bills.

  • NURSING AND MEDICAL CARE Medications are administered by qualified personnel only. Registered nursing staff is on duty 24 hours per day. Qualified Health Care Aides are available as well to help with all personal care and nursing needs. Our whirlpool bathtubs are very popular with many of our residents.You’re able to retain your own family doctor if it is mutually agreeable, or you may choose the service of a family physician in this area. Our Medical Director and in house physician are also available to provide medical care if desired.
  • MEALS We pride ourselves in the good, nutritional meals that we offer. If you are on a special diet we have qualified staff that can provide for your special needs. If you are ill and cannot come to the dining room, the nursing staff will bring a tray to your room.

    Family and friends are welcome to share a meal with you. A request must be made to the dietary department at least two hours in advance and meal will be available at a reasonable cost.

    Between meal nourishments are provided mid-morning, mid-afternoon and bedtime.

  • LAUNDRY Laundering of personal clothing is provide for all nursing home residents and is included in your monthly rate. Clean linens and towels and incontinent products are also provided.
  • MONEY AND VALUABLES We do not advise you to keep large sums of money with you. Valuables should be kept in a safety deposit box. However, we do offer to keep a small amount of money in a Trust Fund if you wish.
  • HAIR CARE Hairdressing and barbering services are available within the facility five days a week.
  • MAIL DELIVERY Mail is delivered daily from Monday to Friday. Local newspapers and other periodical are available for your enjoyment.
  • SMOKING In the interest of health & safety, Kensington Village provides a smoke free environment for all our residents.
  • LOCAL AMENITIES Kensington Village is adjacent to two malls where a variety of services are available-restaurants, banks, department stores, etc.
  • BUS SERVICE Convenient bus service is available. The Huron Heights bus travels to downtown London every fifteen minutes and the Highbury bus goes north and south on Highbury Avenue.
  • CHURCH SERVICES Church services are held each Sunday in our Chapel with various community denominations involved. Catholic residents receive Holy Sacrament weekly. Kensington Village has a chaplain who also conducts a weekly church service in the nursing home.
  • RECREATION We encourage you to participate in as many of the programs as are of interest to you. Our qualified recreation staff plans a variety of activities, outings, crafts, and social events. Also, many community groups are actively involved in providing programs.There are lounges and TV’s available on each nursing home floor for your enjoyment. You are also welcome to use the tea room and main floor lounge when accompanied by family or friends.

    Kensington Village provides easy access to quiet and secluded courtyards. There is also a secure screened balcony area for your added enjoyment.

    Our goal is to provide opportunities for creative involvements, social acceptance, relaxation, enjoyment, is recognized as a unique individual, and is therefore free to pick and to choose activities that are best suited to him or her. We want you to participate actively in life in ways that are comfortable for you.

  • RESIDENTS’ COUNCIL You are encouraged to become a member of the Residents’ Council. The council provides a voice for the residents from their perspective. Members elective their own officers who work with the administrator and staff to provide quality care, and to co-operatively make changes that are conducive to the well being of the residents and of the facility. The council meets regularly to evaluate services, offer suggestions for improvements in the facility, equipment program.
  • VOLUNTEERS A Large group of enthusiastic volunteers are actively involved in contributing to the quality of life of Kensington residents.


Long-term care residences at Kensington Village are available in both private and standard room layouts. All suites are equipped with call bells and grab bars for the safety of our residents.

Please note that Facility Tours have been changed to Wednesday afternoons at 3:00 pm.

View long-term care floor plans for Kensington Village here.