Life at Tyndall

The desire to learn, to engage, and to explore never grows old. At a Sharon Village long-term care home, you can maintain your youthful edge and curiosity no matter what your age. From morning to evening, residents are provided with every opportunity to enrich their lives, nurture their minds, and open their hearts.

As people age, participating in activities and taking part in simple social events can become difficult and frustrating. Deteriorating physical and mental health, along with mobility limitations, and communication impediments can cause relationships to fracture and seniors to feel isolated and alone. More often than not, it is these feelings of loneliness and confusion that cause the most damage over time. At Sharon Village, we are committed to providing our residents with ample opportunity to become both mentally engaged and physically active.

Our staff strive to preserve the poise and worth of each individual resident by building personal relationships and facilitating ongoing interactions. While the services and amenities differ at each home, residents of a Sharon Village long-term care facility can expect a wide range of amenities and recreational offerings, including:

  • Fitness activities
  • Art and creative opportunities
  • Music therapy
  • Horticultural programs
  • Spiritual services
  • Pet visits
  • Cultural events

Customized programs can also be designed in order to suit an individual’s unique needs.

We Take Care

Sharon Village Care Homes Hair SalonAt Sharon Village Care Homes, we believe that it is our privilege to serve senior residents. As such, we approach every aspect of our programming and care services with intent and a strong sense of responsibility. Our resident-centered approach to care combines rehab and restorative programs with emotional therapies and support in order to improve individual quality of life. Diverse and nutritional food choices help ensure our residents are properly nourished, while cultural preferences and personalized dietary constraints are always taken into consideration.

Live out your days with dignity thanks to Sharon Village Care Homes’ commitment to individual care and personal assistance. In recognition of each resident’s unique needs and requirements, our staff provide flexible daily routines and a wide range of activities that are intended to not only engage a participant’s senses, but to also improve their overall feeling of worth and accomplishment.