Our People

As a leading provider of senior care services and retirement living, Sharon Village Care Homes has a long history of attracting some of the best long-term nursing home staff in the province. Driven by a shared commitment to helping senior citizens live every experience to the fullest, our staff members are what set our properties apart from those of our competitors.

Each Sharon Village Care Homes property is led by an experienced long-term care management team. As such, each facility benefits from in-house culinary, health, recreation, environmental, and lifestyle expertise. Together, these motivated management members strive for excellence in all areas of operations and service execution.

Our people are carefully chosen and professionally trained in order to provide the highest level of care and service to our senior citizens. Our staff members take a strong interest in our residents and make an effort to forge deep and lasting relationships with every one of our members. At Sharon Village, you’re more than a client; you’re an integral part of our growing community.

Working together as part of a cohesive team, our staff’s primary purpose is to provide our residents with extraordinary experiences and life enhancing opportunities.

When you’re here, you’re family. Let us welcome you with open arms. Contact one of our care home facilities today to participate in a complimentary tour and information session.

Leslie Ducharme-Director of Operations

Leslie Ducharme

Director of Operations

Cate MacLean-Saugeen Valley Administrator

Cate MacLean

Saugeen Valley Administrator

Pat Bedford-Tyndall Seniors Village Administrator

Pat Bedford

Tyndall Seniors Village Administrator

Tracie Klisht-Kensington Village Retirement Home Administrator

Tracie Klisht

Kensington Village Retirement Home Administrator