My mom moved into Kensington Retirement Village in April 2010 after breaking her arm. She was 90 years old and hoping to remain in her own home for the rest of her life. Unfortunately that was not meant to be. Kensington is only about 4 blocks from the home where she lived nearly 40 years so she remains in her neighbourhood. She loves her room, it’s small but has everything she needs and fits most of her treasured possessions, which she loves to show off to anyone passing by. Her room is situated down the hall from the nurse’s station which is a reassuring comfort. The cafe is also just a few rooms away and is usually filled with people so she never feels alone or isolated. The staff are wonderful to her and she is wonderful to them. They are caring and friendly and genuinely interested in her life. They take the time to listen when she wants to talk. They come and sit in her room and exchange stories about their lives and ask her questions about her life. The activities and entertainment are fun, interesting and get her involved and keep her busy. The volunteer staff are warm and caring. She was used to eating her meals alone so sitting with other people is like eating out. The selection of meals also gives her more choices than she would have had at home. For my mom living at Kensington is like an extension of the community where she lived for 50 years, friendly neighbours, caring staff and the security she is never alone.

- H. Wright

Moving my mom to Kensington was the hardest decision I had to make. I had taken care of her the last seven years making it possible for her to remain in her own home. It was getting more and more difficult the older and more frail she became. A friend told us about the retirement aspect of living at Kensington and we took a tour. It was a warm, friendly environment with people with similar situations, needing a little care but still wanting to live independently. After meeting several of the staff and taking a tour she decided she would be comfortable living here and I knew she would be happy and secure living here. I know she is never alone, I know that someone will check on her in the night and I know she is eating well and staying busy. Those are things most important to me. The volunteers are thoughtful and interact with the residents and there isn’t a quick turnover so they are familiar. She has access to a doctor regularly and her health needs are constantly monitored. I am still there regularly but if I can’t be I know she is well cared for and is happy and that is the most important thing to me. She is happy and healthy and still feels like she is in her neighbourhood.

- J. Olsen

I love the people, I love the staff and I love living at Kensington

- Bev Blair

To the ‘AMAZING’ Staff and Residents at Kensington Retirement Village,

There are no words to describe the heartfelt gratitude that we feel towards the Staff and Residents here. Mom’s stay was brief yet memorable in so many ways. Our family was always welcome in her ‘home’ with kind words or gestures from everyone at all times. When Mom became seriously ill this past week your understanding, caring and compassionate ways helped us make it through the roughest of times. The Residents never once complained that her Daughters and their families took up their walkway through the halls between the dining room and their living quarters as we seemed to have ‘camped’ there. And there were always kind words, a touch on the shoulder, a wee smile or hugs to let us know they were thinking of Mom.

We are all amazed at the care she received and will always be grateful to everyone at, what I now refer to as, Kensington Palace.

- T. Johnston

It’s fun! And sometimes we have bowling. I like the bowling and baking. On the second floor there is a nice place to go out and see the flowers, it’s nice to get outside. We enjoy choir, and singing and music too!

- Faye MacDonald

I like it here, it’s more like a family here. You’ve always got people around you, you are never left out.

- Lorraine Byford

I enjoy the musical programs and bingo. I really like playing Bingo!

- Elsie Woods

I like it here. I’m treated royally. The food is good and there’s lots of. I enjoy the staff because they are more than cooperative

- Frank Pinder

I have been here for 9 or 10 years. The staff have really made me comfortable.

- Gladys Ernst (101 years old)

The exercises are super! I love having visitors in the greenhouse, there are some really nice flowers. I like the “Young at Heart” and the old time dancing. The ice cream is also extra nice!

- Ruth McLellan

The care, attention to detail and respect that the staff showed to our mom is so appreciated and brought us great comfort in her last days. We also thank you for the beautiful flowers.

- The Meulensteen family