Kensington Village Homes – Renovation Improvement Plan

By sdugas - May 08th 2014.

This year Sharon Village Care Homes proves its commitment to care for its residents, as we begin to further improve our facilities. Renovations will include upgrades to our long-term care beds, kitchen, elevator, and common and receiving areas. During this exciting time, some residents will be relocated temporarily.  

Phase 1 of construction is ready to begin, and is projected to be completed within six months. Phase 1 will include the construction of a brand new kitchen on the ground floor, an elevator, and a receiving area. Below is an outline of what to expect during the construction process, to help you understand how these important upgrades may affect you.



 As a community committed to integrity and compassion, communication is an essential part of this construction process. Each morning at 9:15 am, the foreman will provide affected residents with an overview of the construction progress as well as an outline of what the residents are to expect from their temporary relocation. All safety and comfort features provided in the rooms of Sharon Village Care Homes will be maintained throughout this transitional phase. During Phase 1, 8 residents will be temporarily relocated for a period of 4 months.

To help our residents retain their regular sleep schedules, construction will be limited to the hours between 7 am to 6 pm. Daily meetings between the On Site Supervisor, Bruno Porciello, and the building administrator will take place to discuss updated safety protocol. Special activities for residents will also be noted in order to reduce possible interruptions from construction.  Monthly progress meetings will also continue to take place with the Resident’s Council and Family Council during construction. Families and stakeholders will also receive regular updates through our newsletter. Renovations will begin only once the City of London Building Department and the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office grant approval to our construction plans.


Safety Measures

The safety and health of our staff and residents are two matters that we take very seriously. As such, it is guaranteed that all construction zones will be marshalled off with either temporary or existing walls, and occupied areas will be kept clear of construction personnel and materials. Furthermore, there will be no possibility of a resident coming in contact with construction.

Life and fire safety equipment will remain accessible within the building at all phases of construction. In the case that exits or equipment are blocked for construction, alternative exits or equipment will be provided. All alternatives will be appropriately labelled with visible signage. In the instance of temporary alternative exits, the alarm system will be reconnected to these alternatives to ensure the safety of residents in accordance with the MOHLTC guidelines.

With each phase of construction, Emergency and Fire Safety plans will be updated and posted in occupied areas. Staff will be promptly trained on the revised measures.

To maintain the comfort of our residents, we will be sealing off ventilation ducts that pass between construction and non-construction zones, and plastic sheet material will also be placed over construction walls to prevent the transmission of dust. The project’s contractor will manage safe disposal of all construction waste.

Staff and construction personnel will be provided with regular updates on construction progress and safety protocol to ensure the well-being of our residents.


Emergency Plan/Life Safety Plan

In the event of an electrical failure or disconnection during construction, an emergency generator will ensure resident life continues unaffected. Interruptions in plumbing during the construction phase will be scheduled to reduce the impact on residents, who will be advised of the disturbance.

Nurse call systems, food preparation and delivery systems, and laundry service will be maintained unaffected in occupied zones throughout construction.



On the diagram below are parking spots outlined in purple, which are reserved for visitors. Handicap spots are in blue. If you are unable to find a visitor spot, we welcome you to use another available parking spot. If there are none available, we invite you to park in St. Albian’s Church, which can be entered through the driveway beside Archies of Huron.

We thank you for your patience during this exciting phase of improvement, renovation, and continued commitment to make Sharon Village Care Homes the best home for our residents. If you have any questions or concerns regarding construction, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

And remember, no matter what your age or ability, tomorrow will always hold an infinite amount of promise and potential.


The best years are still to come.