October 2013

By - October 10th 2013.


We are looking forward to the fall season and the harvest that is brings. For all that took part in the Cruise Night car show, a huge thank you as it was amazing to see the great collection of cars under a sunny sky.

I am very happy with the number of family members who are participating in Family Council. This is my best method of keeping everyone up to date on the redevelopment of Kensington Village and how it will impact our residents. Brian McCaughey has graciously accepted to act as the Chairman of Family Council.

A quick update on redevelopment. At the Board meeting of the South West Local Integration Network (who funds Long Terms Care), a motion to begin an Acquired Brain Injury program at Kensington Village was approved. If you come to Family Council, I explain the impact this will have on Kensington. We are also very close to finalizing the renovation plans that will see Kensington be reduced from a 126 bed long term care to a 76 bed long term care. Again, to find out how this will impact residents, please come to Family Council.

Family Council meetings are normally held the last Thursday of each month at 12noon in the Green Room. Because Halloween falls on the last Thursday, the October meeting will take place on Thursday October 24th at 12 noon.

Michael Schmidt, Administrator

Nursing Department:

Fall weather is quickly arriving and along with that comes flu season. We had a very successful rate of vaccinations last year with both residents and staff and are hoping for an equally successful vaccination rate for this year. If you are a designated POA, please stop at the nursing station to confirm that a flu consent form has been signed for your loved one. Registered staff will be contacting POA’s by phone to confirm consent for those of you that are not able to come into visit over the next few weeks. Stay healthy, get your flu vaccine and please do not visit if you are feeling ill.
Thank you.

Kelly Elgie, RN, Director of Nursing Care


Have you “herd” the news? Flu season is almost here! Be part of the “herd” and get your flu shot. There is a concept called “herd immunity” which means that the more people (YOU) that get the flu short the more others are protected. Take the time to get your flu shot this year, and ensure your loved ones do as well.

Leslie DuCharme, RN, BScN, BA, Assistant Director of Care


It is our hope that you are enjoying the new menus this fall! Thank you to all the residents for suggesting some food items that we can work into the menus and please bear with us as we continue to make changes in this menu. Just a reminder, that we will have the Thanksgiving meal on Monday October 14th at dinner. Also, we would like to remind all staff and residents to be sure to keep on top of your fluid intakes in order to keep hydrated and healthy. Last, all the dietary staff would like to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and a happy Halloween. Fall produce is in abundance and we plan to incorporate increased local fresh product into the menus including local apples.

Anna Prendergast. Director of Dietary


Upcoming Recreation Events:

Sat Oct 5th @ 10am & 2pm Birthday Party with Dorothy Kelch
Sat Oct 12th @ 10am Music with Ernie
Sat Oct 12th @2:30 7th Day Adventist
Sat Oct 19th @ 10am & 2pm Music with Randy Grey
Thurs Oct 31st @ 7pm Halloween Pub Night with Ernie

Tues Oct. 8th @ 7pm Salvation Army Music
Mon Oct 14th @ 2:30pm Music with Jessica
Mon Oct 21st @ 7pm Fellowship Singers
Mon Oct 28th @ 2:30pm Celebration of Life Service
Thurs Oct 31st @ 2pm Halloween Social

Sat Oct 5th @ 2pm Music with Randy Grey
Wed Oct 16th @ 2pm 8th Avenue Birthday Celebration
Sat Oct 19th @ 10am&2pm Music with Roger West
Wed Oct 23 @2pm Birthday Celebration with Bill Savage
Mon Oct 28th @6:30pm Halloween visits with the Brownies
Thurs Oct 31 @10am Halloween Visits with Arbor Glen

Please plan to join us………

Thanks for Listening,
Missy Robinson, Director of Recreation and Volunteer Services ext 224


As mentioned previously in this newsletter, the Retirement Home is also planning for the Flu Season. We will be having our usual Flu Clinic with Dr. Dan. As soon as final arrangements are in place we will be notifying all residents and families.

We would also like to remind everyone that as we approach the cold and flu season to be sure to wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer that is provided throughout the home. If you are feeling unwell please advise your nurse and she will decide if you need to remain in your room or if it is O.K. to go to the dining room. In the dining rooms please do not place used tissue on the table, cover your mouth and nose if you cough or sneeze and be sure to WASH YOUR HANDS.! ! This is the best way to prevent spreading germs.

Dr. Dan’s Clinic address is changing as some of you may know already and we need to get new Patient Enrolment Forms signed. If you haven’t received it already, you will be receiving a letter from Dr. Dan explaining why these forms need to be signed. The nurses will be having Dr. Dan’s residents sign these new forms.

In the very near future, each resident will be provided with an “Invitation to Join us for Lunch”. These invitations will allow you to invite a friend to join you for lunch. So start thinking about who you would like to invite to join you for lunch.

Thank you to all of our residents for making our new residents and our Short Stay residents feel so welcome. We receive compliments all the time from family members and our new residents about how welcoming, warm and friendly the Kensington residents are. That’s what makes our home not just a Retirement Home but a family.

As a final thought, we would like to wish everyone a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. When we hear about what others in the world are dealing with, it makes us realize how much we have to be thankful for. Let’s pause for a moment and reflect on our blessings and give thanks.

See you next month!

Sharron Brooks, RPN, Client Relations/QI Coordinator.


Happy autumn!!
I hope you all enjoyed the summer! Our summer planting is being cleaned up and fall displays are being added for your enjoyment.
Please remember in order to keep our pests away; you need to keep all food in containers.
Also, we are a no scent environment and ask kindly that you refrain from wearing strong scented perfumes and colognes, also when bringing in or ordering flowers for you family please remember the strong scented flowers such as lilies which are extremely strong smelling even if we take out the stamens.
We thank you in advance for helping us!
When bringing in new appliances please ensure that maintenance has been contacted and we are aware of the items, we will inspect them to ensure the safety of them and that they are CSA approved.
Concerns with regards to maintenance please inform a staff member or you may call me direct at ext 277.
Our windows outside only will be cleaned the month of oct/nov.
Wishing you all a happy thanksgiving!!!

Thank you,

Glenna Grimmer