Reading the Signs

By - October 22nd 2013.

How to tell when it’s time to consider senior living arrangements

There are many reasons why elderly individuals resist the idea of senior living arrangements. Not surprisingly, as most people age, they want to remain surrounded by the comforts and familiarities of home for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, declining health often makes it impossible for many homeowners to maintain an autonomous lifestyle. When this shift away from independence occurs is different for everyone. As your loved ones age, be sure to pay close attention to their habits and non-verbal cues. The following are 10 signs that it might be time to discuss a move to a more supportive seniors environment, such as a retirement residence or assisted living center:

10. An inactive lifestyle or increased isolation.

9. A decline in exterior home maintenance practices.

8. A shift in communication quality and frequency.

7. A change in visiting patterns and/or fewer invites to visit the individual at their home.

6. Unopened mail or spoilt food in the fridge.

5. General disarray inside the home – i.e. overflowing garbage cans, dishes in the sink, etc.

4. Unexplained weight gain or loss.

3. Damage to the property caused by forgetfulness or avoidable neglect.

2. Bruises or other signs of physical trauma that could have been caused by falls or difficulty navigating independently.

1. If at any point you experience concern for the individual’s physical or mental well being.