17 Day Trip Ideas for Retirement and Nursing Home Residents

By - October 29th 2014.

Though you may not have the health, strength, or resources to take exotic vacations, you may be in a position to take day trips even if you live in a live in a retirement or nursing home (long-term care).

Here are some ideas you may not have considered:

1. Though your family is likely busy running here, there, and everywhere, if you’re up for it, why not tag along? Go to story time at the library with your youngest grandchild—and grab a book for yourself while you’re there. Enjoy the book and a cup of tea while you sit on the porch watching your son mow his lawn. Help prepare lunch. Attend your eldest grandchild’s soccer game. Then treat the gang to supper. Your day may not unfold exactly like this, but if your family knows you’d be happy just to spend time with them, they may not feel so bad about being busy.

2. And if your family is heading out on a day trip, it’s okay to mention that you would like to join them. Whether you are up to riding the rollercoaster with them or just sitting on the nearest bench and hearing all about it when the ride is over, it can be a great way to share in the fun. And your grandkids would probably love to hear about the adventures you had when you were their age.

3. Are you an art lover? Many communities—even small ones—have art galleries. Why not go out for lunch and wander through the gallery with a fellow art enthusiast?

4. Has it been a particularly hot summer? Is there a beach nearby? Your days of staying in the water until your lips turn blue may be a thing of the past. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sitting on the beach looking over the water, reading a book, or people-watching.

5. Some communities host concerts in the park during the summer. Scan the paper and make note of those you would like to attend. You may even want to arrange an outing for yourself and a group of friends. And if you’re up for a trip into the city, your choices of concerts multiplies greatly.

6. Do you love classical music? Opera? Rock? Accessibility to the newer venues where performances are held has improved greatly of late. If you have trouble walking or climbing stairs, it should no longer deter you.

7. Even if your retirement or nursing home runs movie nights, sometimes it’s fun to head to the cinema, splurge on some snacks, and take in what’s playing on the big screen.

8. And if the cinema isn’t for you, how about live theatre? The choices abound—from Shakespearean festivals to local playhouses.

9. If you’re a history buff, a trip to a fort or pioneer village may be just the thing.

10. Are you a sports fan? Baseball? Football? Hockey? Venturing out to the live game rather than watching it on television can be so much more fun.

11. And what about participating in the fun yourself? Maybe not baseball and the like, but what about a frame or two of bowling, 18 holes of mini golf, or tossing a softball back and forth?

12. Whether you’re an experienced photographer or not, why not grab a camera (even an inexpensive one) and discover the joy of viewing life through the lens? You might be surprised at the fascinating “new” world you can discover.

13-16. What about seasonal outings?
– A tour of homes all decked out for Christmas
– An old-fashioned corn roast and corn maze to celebrate the fall harvest
– A harbour cruise to watch Canada Day fireworks
– A day with the grandkids during Spring Break

17. And last, but not least . . .
How about an old-fashioned Sunday Afternoon Drive? If you don’t drive, you might want to pitch in to cover the cost of gas, but why not take a scenic drive and stop for lunch or ice cream along the way? Go with a friend or family member and enjoy the change from your day-to-day.