Preparing for Halloween in Your London Retirement Community

By - October 19th 2014.

Adjusting to life in a London care home or London retirement community can be a difficult transition. At Sharon Village Care Homes, we find that the holidays can make this transition tougher for both the families and residents. It starts with Thanksgiving, moves through Halloween, takes the cake with Christmas, and the festivities finalize with New Year’s Eve.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. Christmas is a couple months away, so let’s prepare for Halloween first. There are some ways to make the transition a little easier for both residents and family members. Sharon Village Care Homes tries to make the holiday season as comforting and loving as possible with events in our London retirement community, but here are a few other things you can do to adjust easier.

Halloween bashes

For Halloween, a few of the events offered by Sharon Village Care Homes are: Spooky Pub, Pumpkin Carving, Monster Mash Maple Sugar Band, Halloween Trivia, Murder Mystery “Who did it”, Arbour Glen Costume Parade, Pumpkin muffins, and A Mystery in the Making.

If you want to help your family adjust to Halloween alongside your resident relative, have your own Halloween festivities. Dress up the kids in your family in their Halloween costumes and visit your resident family member. If you’re the resident being visited, have candy waiting for the little ones in your family.

Decorate your room

Who says you can’t decorate your room when you live in a London retirement community? This year you can go all out! Decorate your London retirement community room with homemade crafts and designs. If you’ve got a costume, why not decorate your room to match it? For instance, create Frankenstein’s laboratory if you’re dressing as Frankenstein’s monster or his Bride.

Thanksgiving festivities

Thanksgiving has passed this year, but Sharon Village Care Homes helps residents adjust every year. There are several services held for a variety of congregations and religions. Thanksgiving is a very spiritual day for many people, and the largest transition can be not being able to go to their own service. Sharon Village Care Homes wants to make sure that the spiritual lives of our London care home and London retirement community residents can be fulfilled.

The most important part of the holidays is to keep life and routine as normal as possible. That adjustment is much easier if life has remained similar to before you moved into the London retirement community or London care home. If this happens, all you’re adjusting to is a higher quality of care and new surroundings!

Halloween is a great time to get to know the people in your London retirement community, if you haven’t already. At Sharon Village Care Homes, the fun has only just begun.