How to Personalize Your Retirement Home Suite

By - September 19th 2014.

Your new retirement village is your home now, and should feel as such. Creating a home involves more than simply getting to know others in the village, though that is important. But creating a home means personalizing your space, as well. Look at your London retirement home suite as a blank canvas, waiting patiently for a drop of colour. You may not be able to paint your room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spice up the décor to make it feel more welcoming to your tastes.

Adding personality is more than putting up pictures. At Sharon Village Care Homes, we want our residents to feel as comfortable and cozy as possible. We encourage you to show off your unique style to the rest of the retirement village. Here are a few of our favourite ways to do so.

Cork art

It’s a sad fact that corks are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Why not keep the memory of great nights with good friends alive with some simple cork art? Collect corks from each bottle of wine – or ask friends and family to do so – and fill up a vase with them. Put flowers (fake or real) in the vase through the center of the corks.

If you want to add even more spunk to the vase, dye some of the corks. Grab a handful or two of the corks you’ve collected and dunk them in food or clothes dye. By dying a couple, you’ll add a spark of colour peaking through the cork brown as a surprise for visitors of your retirement village room.

Origami cranes

Living in a London retirement home gives you back the opportunity to do activities for fun. The extra time means that you can enjoy the activities you love, while also learning new hobbies. This is great news for your room in Sharon Village Care Homes! Origami is a classic art that soothes your mind, puts your hands to work, and creates a stunning piece at the end.

If you already know origami, or if you think it’s time to learn, why not put that to work for your decorations? An origami crane chandelier offers a personal touch and beauty to your room. All you need is origami paper, string, and a wooden hoop from which to hang the strings of cranes.

Get inventive! What else can you make out of origami for your Sharon Village Care Homes room? Each holiday may call for different origami decorations, such as wreaths and flowers.

Book art

If you’re an avid reader, the thought of tearing up a book can be a cause of extreme upset. But with the right book, and the right art piece, anything is possible. Book art is a beautiful way to reveal your love of literature. Taking a regular object and coating it with pages of an old, disused paperback will make a gorgeous bookend for your retirement village room.

Old pages can also be used to create origami, or to make holiday cards, wreathes, flowers, picture frames, and whatever else you can think of! All you need are a few base objects to decorate with the pages.

Make your new London retirement home room into a cozy oasis. To find out more about Sharon Village Care Homes, visit our website.