Benefits of Outdoor Activity at Sharon Village Care Homes

By - August 18th 2014.

We all know that spending time outside is beneficial to our health. After all, people were created in the realms of nature, and therefore should reap some rewards from returning to our roots. But why is it that human beings are healthier when they spend more time outside? And is this belief really true? At Sharon Village Care Homes, we believe that outdoor activity is an essential part of maintaining health after entering a long-term care home or retirement village. Outdoor time can seriously affect – positively! – a resident’s quality of life, health, and mental well being. Not convinced? Read on for reasons why outdoor activities will benefit you before and after entering a London long-term care home.

Increased happiness

People who spend a considerable amount of time outdoors are actually happier than those who don’t. Light, and sunlight in particular, inspires a happier mood than darkness, while the physical exercise of walking around triggers endorphins. Going for just an hour a day of walking around your retirement village property can exponentially raise your sense of satisfaction and contentment.

Boost physical health

It’s well known that sunlight is an invaluable source of vitamin D. Increasing your vitamin D intake can prevent and fight off osteoporosis, cancer, heart attacks, and depression. Walking around or even just resting in the sun can beautifully supplement the care you receive in a London long-term care home.

It has also been proven that natural light can help patients who are recovering from surgery or other ailments heal more rapidly. The natural light and vistas around Sharon Village Care Homes can help reduce the number of medications required, while also dramatically decreasing stress caused by recovery.

Improve your concentration

Natural surroundings encourage more concentrated focus. For whatever reason, the great outdoors enhance a person’s ability to concentrate and focus on single tasks. If you’re having a tough time focusing, try working on the project or hobby in your long-term care home courtyard, or spending time outdoors before attempting to work on that project again.

Reasons behind this increased concentration are not entirely know, but it could have to do with decreased restlessness. Think of long, harsh winters when you’re trapped inside for extended periods of time. Focus and concentration becomes difficult because you feel restless from the confinement. When you leave your home and join a retirement village or long-term care home, spend time outside to prevent a feeling of restlessness due to the transition.

Live an active life

At Sharon Village Care Homes, we understand the importance of an active lifestyle for both retirement village and long-term care home residents. Outdoor activity is a key way to gain an active lifestyle. People who spend more time outdoors are more likely to get exercise. When you leave the building, you leave behind the temptation to sit the day away.

The best years are still to come with Sharon Village Care Homes. Find out how your lifestyle will change and improve with our London long-term care home indoor and outdoor amenities.