Benefits of a Private Earls Court Room

By - July 13th 2014.

When it comes to debating between private versus standard rooms in long-term care or retirement communities, there are a lot of factors to debate. As with most other things, whether or not you desire a private room is going to depend on your own needs and preferences. Sharon Village Care Homes wants to make sure each resident gets exactly the care that he or she needs. Our Earls Court Village offers a number of private rooms so that you have options when you’re making this important transition. But before you pick, you’ll want to know the pros and cons. Read on to find out more about private vs. standard room accommodation at Earls Court Village in Sharon Village Care Homes.

Removed from infection

One of the largest problems with shared rooms and dormitory style accommodations is that once one resident gets an infection or contagious illness, it spreads like wildfire over the entire dormitory. When you have a private room, you’re much less likely to contract the contagious illness.

Increased Confidentiality

It goes without saying that a private room is simply more private. When you don’t need to share a room, all of your visits with your family have a larger degree of intimacy. Family and friends feel more comfortable, more welcome, and are more likely to visit regularly when there isn’t the curious eyes and ears of a roommate. Your loved ones also have an easier time of planning visits, because you won’t need to go through the hassle of trying to organize family visits with your roommate to avoid overlap.

Confidentiality is important in the medical field, and is something that we value at Sharon Village Care Homes. Private rooms allow you the opportunity to consult with your doctors and nurses one on one, exclusive of any outside ears. This space offers you the chance to divulge your information to whom you want, when you want, in the manner you want without worrying about anyone listening while you’re discussing your health.

Greater feeling of comfort

It can be difficult to create a home out of your long-term care room when someone else has already made it his or her own home before you got there. Having a private room means that you get to decorate and customize the room to your own preferences. Just as it would be with moving into a new apartment, moving into a new room offers you the opportunities to create a home in Earls Court.

Find your economic balance

Unfortunately, the major con of private rooms for most residents of retirement communities is the price. Like any form of accommodation, one person living alone is going to have to pay more than two people sharing a space. Some residents find the price to be daunting.

When you’re making the decision to move into your Sharon Village Care Homes accommodation, you need to weigh the pros and cons of a single room. At Earls Court, we recommend choosing what will make you happy in your long-term care home over the cost considerations.

Talk to a health care professional at Earls Court in Sharon Village Care Homes to help make this transition smoother and simple. With Earls Court, the best years are still to come.