How to Adjust to Life After Retirement

By - June 17th 2014.

Getting used to retirement is a huge adjustment, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Often, new retirees have the hardest time adjusting when they haven’t planned properly or when they don’t make appropriate alterations in their lifestyle to maintain health and happiness.

If you’re looking into retirement homes, or even if you’re planning on spending a few more years in your own home, you’ll want to make sure your life has a good foundation before retiring. Sharon Village Care Homes has tips for you to smoothly transition into your new life and into a London retirement community.

Create new hobbies

Before you enter retirement, start looking into new activities and hobbies in which you can take part. What have you always wanted to learn or try, but haven’t had the time for? Maybe you want to learn how to cook, or how to make pottery. Retirement is the perfect time to adopt these new skills.

Look around for classes before the big day comes when you finally transition into retirement. Sign up for a few – don’t be afraid to dive right in as soon as retirement starts. These hobbies will keep you active, busy, and happy.

If you’re looking into retirement homes, a good London retirement community will plan classes and activities for residents, so that all you have to do is show up. For instance, at Sharon Village Care Homes we offer a wide variety of activities such as bingo, BBQs, trivia nights, movie afternoons, Brush to Canvas, No Falls Fun & Fit, and many more.

Find purpose

For many working people, their purpose has always been their careers or their jobs. Following retirement, these workers have a hard time finding purpose in life. If you feel like this is you, it’s time to find purpose again. Work isn’t the only vocation that can provide you with a feeling of self worth, satisfaction, and value.

Maybe your new purpose is one of the hobbies you’ve picked up. Maybe it’s volunteering, or writing a book, or being that superhero grandparent who always wants to spend time with the grandkids. You’ll know when you find it – it will be a passion, and will make each day seem that much brighter. You’ll be happy you’ve retired so that you can spend time with those activities and people you truly love.

Meet new people

In the past, you may have relied on work friends for your social life but with retirement, these friends may not be reliable as your only form of entertainment. Retirement brings shifting schedules. While it’s possible that you may keep some of these close friends, why not get out and meet new people? With retirement comes much more time that your other friends may not be able to fill up.

Joining classes or a London retirement community will offer you that opportunity to meet new people going through the same stage in life that you are. If you’re thinking of retirement homes, don’t be afraid to attend the socials that are offered.

Learn how to love life and feel invigorated at any age. Join the London retirement community that cares about your health and happiness. Take a tour of Sharon Village Care Homes today!