5 Things to Look for in the Right Retirement Community

By - June 10th 2014.

Finding the right London retirement community can be a daunting experience. Moving out of your home into a care home isn’t a hasty decision made with an easy adjustment period. That’s why it’s important to find the best community to welcome you into your new stage of life. But with so many choices, how can you choose the right one? Sharon Village Care Homes has a couple of suggestions to keep in mind when you’re hunting for retirement homes.

  1. 1. Look for references

    When being chosen for a job, university, or any other pivotal occupation change, applications are asked for references. So why not do the same of the London retirement community that may eventually be your home? Ask residents and inquire about residents’ families to use as reference points. Talk to them about their opinion of the care home, how the resident enjoys living there, and about its pros and cons. This is a great time to find out how your life may change – or not – after the big move.

  2. 2. Make an amenity checklist

    What is crucial to you in your daily routine? What hobbies do you enjoy? What’s essential to maintaining a regular, healthy lifestyle? Answering these questions is a vital step in figuring out what you want from retirement homes.

    From there, you can decide which London retirement community has the amenities that suit your needs. For instance, within the Sharon Village Care Homes community, we have offerings such as retail shops, multi-denominational chapels, libraries, cafes, housekeeping services, as well as both personal and coin-operated laundry services. At Sharon Village, we feel it to be of critical importance to keep life as normal and regular as possible.

  3. 3. Available activities and clubs

    When you’ve moved into your chosen London retirement community, it’s important to begin to meet your neighbours and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Does your care home offer clubs? What activities are provided for residents? These are keystone qualities for retirement homes to be welcoming, homey, and fun.

  4. 4. Cleanliness check

    Just as you wouldn’t move into a house without touring it first, you don’t want to choose a London retirement community without going on a tour of the facilities. Take a tour of the retirement homes you’re considering. While on your tour, ask to see the kitchen, and other facilities that aren’t normally displayed – such as stairwells, and minor hallways. The cleanliness of these less well-travelled areas will prove how clean and hygienic the facilities truly are on a regular basis.

    During your tour is a great time to find the references required to fulfill the first point on this checklist.

  5. 5. Get all the details

    While on your tour, why not ask if trial visits are allowed? Staying overnight for a day or two is the best way to find out if the home is a good match for you. Next see if there’s a monthly or weekly newsletter, and sign up to receive it in order to keep up to date.

    Request menu samples, activity and club calendars, and a complete list of amenities and services from the home’s staff. This will allow you to peruse the retirement homes in your spare time without the presence of staff and residents. With a decision as significant as this one, it is necessary that you can consider and ponder in your own time.

  6. Welcome in your new stage of life as the best stage with Sharon Village Care Homes. Request a tour today to see our gorgeous facilities, and inclusive community.