August 2013

By - August 10th 2013.


This newsletter finds us just out of one of the warmest heat waves in London history. We did manage quite well and were able to keep most areas of the home moderated through ensuring that windows and doors remained closed to keep out the humidity. A reminder that if you are visiting during times of high humidity to keep windows in the building closed.

All residents celebrated yesterday with the birth of the new royal heir. It was quite fun to see the excitement build as the day approached. The Royal Baby Shower will take place on July 31st at which time the much anticipated winner of the baby contest will be announced. I know many residents had made their best prognostication and were hoping to win the title of Best Prognosticator.

As you have seen if you drive north on Highbury past Montcalm High School, the new sister home to Kensington Village, Earls Court Village is reaching high heights. The home will be 4 stories high and in just over a year should be accepting residents. These admissions will include 32 from Kensington Village as we reduce the number of licensed beds at this home from 108 to 76. Letters have been sent by CCAC to Long Term Care residents who are eligible for transfer to the new home. If you have any questions, please contact me for information.

Michael Schmidt, Administrator

Dietary Services

We look forward to implementing the new summer/fall menus for August 12/13 and will review with you at resident’s council. Barbeques are in full swing and happening every Wednesday. Please welcome our 2 newly hired cooks, Frank Iachetta and Damian Munroe! Last but not least…remember to drink lots of fluids on the humid and excessively hot days.

Anna Prendergast, Director of Dietary Services

Activation Department

Upcoming Recreation Events:

Please plan to join us………

Aug 3rd Dorothy Kelch Sings 10am & 2pm
Aug 13th Music with Ernie 10am & 2pm
Aug 20th Music with Cam 10am & 2pm
Aug 27th Music with Eric Shain 10am & 2pm
Aug 24th Music with Randy Grey 10am

Aug 21st 8th Ave Birthday Celebration
Aug 28th Retirement Birthday Celebration

Joint Events
Aug 5th Randy Grey 2pm
Aug 10th Classic Car Show 2pm
Aug 19th Music with Dixieland 7pm
Aug 24th Music with Randy Grey 2pm

Thanks for Listening,
Missy Robinson, Director of Activation and Volunteer Services ext 224


Ahh, the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are certainly upon us. Just a reminder that when the temperature and humidity is high, please leave the windows closed to allow the air conditioners to do their job. Also, when the weather is that hot, please remember to drink lots of fluids.

We would like to welcome some residents that have recently joined the Kensington Family – Tillie Walker, Bob & Trudy Burrell, Ursula Dale, Merle Lamond, Beverley Stokley, and John Gregory. We also say good-bye to Kay Kalinowski, Theo Heckendorn and Helen Wilsdon who have moved onto Long Term Care and Lucy Calleja who has returned home. At this time we also want to extend our sympathy to the family of Edna Johnston who passed away in the past couple of weeks. We shall miss Edna’s ever present smile and her scooting down the hall at top rate speed.

We have also said good-bye to our last Peruvian resident, Juan Ariza as he leaves to rejoin his family in Peru. It was such an interesting and rewarding experience to share the last one and one-half years with Juan as he recovered from the physical injuries he received in the accident. Thank you to the residents who took him under their wing and made him feel welcome in their home. Some residents joined the staff to see Juan off to the airport and I’m sure he felt the love and warmth all around him.

As you know there are going to be changes to our Physio Program beginning August 1st. Please take note we will have Exercise Classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 – 9:30 a.m. and from 11:15 – 11:45 a.m.

Enjoy the balance of the summer with the beautiful weather, heat and humidity included, because winter will arrive way too soon and we will be longing for what we presently have.

Take care of yourself and each other …

Sharron Brooks, RPN, Client Relations/QI Coordinator.


Happy sunshine days!!

I hope you all are enjoying the warm summer breezes! I encourage the residents that when we are experiencing very humid weather that you keep you blinds closed when the sun is shining in and windows closed. I will make announcements on those days for a reminder.
Also, please ensure that you keep all your food in your rooms in containers. This will help us keep the pests away.
We have installed some new sitting areas for you all to enjoy when walking around our facility. The first area is our Long term care entrance; we have put in a table with chairs under the cover of our entrance for shade and a place to have a coffee, tea or meal with your family. The second place we have put up a pergola on the retirement home side south west in the parking lot area. A bench has been placed in the pergola for you to take a rest when you are walking around or just to have some shade and watch the people come and go! This area also has room for walkers to be placed in, wheelchairs can go beside the bench for you all to enjoy.
The plants are doing very well! Flowers are growing like crazy. I hope you all are enjoying the summer colours.
Please remember any maintenance requests are to be given to the staff to log in our maintenance binder so we can repair your request in a timely manner.
Wishing you all summer fun!!!!

Thank you,

Glenna Grimmer