December 2013

By - December 10th 2013.


Dear Residents and Families:

I just arrived back to Kensington from a weekender to Dallas, Texas. Although hard to believe, I was born 50 years ago on November 22 – the fateful day President Kennedy was assassinated. It was amazing to walk around Dallas and see all of the sites that I have been hearing about for the past 50 years – Where were you when you heard that JFK was shot?

Kensington is changing the hours of the bank – trust withdrawals. Starting on January 1, 2014, bank/trust hours will be open only from 10am to noon and 2pm to 4pm. The wicket at the front office will remain open from 9am to 5pm for all other transactions.

I want to thank all of our volunteers for the numerous hours they provide to improve the quality of life for all the residents of Kensington Village. If you have time or know of anyone who has time to spend a few hours volunteering, we would appreciate the contact.

CCAC will hold a family meeting on January 9th 2014 at 7:30 in the chapel for all long term residents and families to discuss the transfer of residents relating to the renovation of Kensington Village and the opening Earl Court LTC on Highbury Ave.

As Christmas approaches you will see many more school and community groups coming to the Kensington to share their joyous sounds. We hope you enjoy the month of special activities.

Michael Schmidt, Administrator

Nursing Department:

Winter has in fact arrived! With the cold and snow unfortunately comes Influenza and Cold season. Hopefully everyone has had their flu shot!
Reminder, please do not visit if you are sick!We will have sign up lists at the nursing stations for those residents that will be going out to visit with family members over the holidays. Please include how long they are expected to be away from the home so that medications can be prepared prior to their leaving.

On behalf of the nursing staff, we are wishing you and your loved ones a safe and joyous holiday season.

Kelly Elgie, RN, Director of Nursing Care


All of us in the Department of Food Services would like to wish you and your families’ a wonderful Season however you may celebrate! We continue to “tweak” our new menus and are looking into the next series of menus for the winter/ spring season. Please remember to join us at the residents council if you have any food related issues or suggestions for a favorite food that we can add in to the current menus. We look forward to your participation at our parties over December and hope that you enjoy all the goodies. Remember to always keep yourself hydrated….drinks lots of water and extra fluids.

Anna Prendergast, Director of Dietary Services


Upcoming Recreation Events:

LTC Events
December 7th Birthday Party with Dorothy Kelch @ 10am & 2pm
December 14th Music with Jim Carr @ 10am & 2pm
December 17th Resident Christmas Parties on 1st & 2nd 2pm
December 19th Resident Family Christmas Dinner (PLEASE RSVP NO LATER THAN DEC 6th)
December 21st Music with Ernie @ 10am & 2pm
December 24th Music with Eric Shain @ 2pm
December 25th Music with Ernie @ 2:30pm
December 26th Music with Ernie @ 2:30pm

Joint Events
December 3rd JP II Glee Club @ 7pm
December 4th Reach Out Singers @ 7pm
December 9th Maple Sugar Band @2:30pm
December 14th 7th Day Adventist @ 2:30pm
December 15th St. Georges Choir @ 1:45 pm
December 16th Young at Heart Singers @ 2pm
December 23rd Conn Smythe @ 2pm
December 23rd Fellowship Singers @ 7pm
December 24th Eric Shain @ 10am
December 31st New Years Eve Party @ 2pm

Retirement Programs
December 5th Huff and Puff Christmas @ 2pm
December 11th Birthday Celebration with Bill Savage at 2pm
December 20th Music with Roger West 10am & 2pm
December 25th Christmas Morning Memories with Dorothy @ 10am
December 28th The Strollers @ 2pm

The Retirement Home Christmas Party will be held on December 1st at 2pm. Please let the Recreation Department know if you plan to attend.
Thank you to everyone who has signed up to come to the Christmas Dinner for the Retirement home on December 5th. It is going to be a wonderful evening.

Just a reminder for those of you who have pets who visit Kensington Village, please ensure that you provide proper proof of vaccinations for your pets. Vaccination records can be brought to the front office to be given to Natasha.

Please plan to join us………

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year,
Missy Robinson, Director of Activation and Volunteer Services ext 224


Happy Holidays!!

Winter has arrived! Christmas is around the corner. I hope you all will enjoy our Christmas lights again this year. It is such a beautiful feeling at night when all the lights are lit and snow is falling.
Please mark on your calendar on December 19th when families come for our resident Christmas dinner, we will be putting out our no name clothing for the Long term care side on 1st floor in the activity room. Please if you could make time prior to the dinner to come down and see if any of the clothing items belong to your loved one.

We will be keeping the clothes until the New Year and at that time we will then be taking them out for a community donation.
Please remember that in order to prevent the no names, when you bring in new clothing they are to be taken to the nurse’s station for them to fill out a form and place in a clear bag for laundry to label. This will help us with our no names from happening.
At any other time during the business hours I would be pleased to assist you on looking on our rack for your missing clothing.

During the winter months if you could also be so kind as to remove your boots if really wet and full of snow. This will help us keep our facility a safe a non-slip environment.

All paths around our facility will be snow plowed and salted so that when the weather is nice you will be able to enjoy the lovely day!

Any maintenance concerns please inform the charge nurse so they can log it in our maintenance repair binder located at each nurse’s station. If it requires immediate action they will call myself or maintenance staff.
Thank you and I wish you and your family a safe fun filled holiday season!!

Merry Christmas

Glenna Grimmer