Showing vulnerable, aging parents love in the time of coronavirus

By Amy Schlegel - March 28th 2020.

Earl’s Court Village was featured in a heart-warming column in today’s London Free Press, as four daughters find a way to visit with their dad in longterm care, even though the facility is closed to visitors; for everyone’s safety.

In normal times, Mya Van Luyk, Diana Vestering, Nancy Joyal and Wendy Van Luyk take turns every day visiting with him, playing games, doing puzzles and encouraging him in other recreational activities.

“Dad’s amazing. He’s such a gentle man and he’s a gentle patient,” Nancy said. “It’s really hard. We miss him.”

This week, they hatched a plan to see their dad even though the doors are closed. There’s lots of room to spread love from the sidewalk.

Friday was their third time at it. They’ve made signs telling Art how much they love him and telling the staff how grateful they are to them. At 12:45 p.m., just as lunch finishes inside, the four women head to the sidewalk along Highbury Avenue.

With traffic whizzing past behind them and while minding social distancing recommendations, they wave.

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