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By - December 31st 2014.

Below are a dozen ideas … in no particular order. Simply choose the one(s) you find most appealing and bust that boredom. Listen to Music Whether on CD, an mp3


By - December 24th 2014.

The following are general suggestions and may not apply to you specifically. 1. Eat several small meals throughout the day. Large meals require a lot of energy to digest and

17 Ways to Deal with Losing a Loved One

By - December 17th 2014.

It’s probably the hardest thing you will ever have to deal with, losing a loved one. No one should tell you to get over it—no matter how long ago it

The Tapestry of Life

The Tapestry of Life

By - December 11th 2014.

Each thread in a tapestry is important. Some stand out right away. It may even seem that the other threads are unnecessary. But take just one away and the whole

Making New Friends

How to Make Friends

By - December 03rd 2014.

When life changes dramatically, there are many things you may have to relearn. One of them is how to make new friends. Before we consider how, let’s consider why. If

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