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Preparing for Halloween in Your London Retirement Community

By - October 19th 2014.

Adjusting to life in a London care home or London retirement community can be a difficult transition. At Sharon Village Care Homes, we find that the holidays can make this

How to Personalize Your Retirement Home Suite

By - September 19th 2014.

Your new retirement village is your home now, and should feel as such. Creating a home involves more than simply getting to know others in the village, though that is

Benefits of Outdoor Activity at Sharon Village Care Homes

By - August 18th 2014.

We all know that spending time outside is beneficial to our health. After all, people were created in the realms of nature, and therefore should reap some rewards from returning

Benefits of a Private Earls Court Room

By - July 13th 2014.

When it comes to debating between private versus standard rooms in long-term care or retirement communities, there are a lot of factors to debate. As with most other things, whether

5 Things to Look for in the Right Retirement Community

By - June 10th 2014.

Finding the right London retirement community can be a daunting experience. Moving out of your home into a care home isn’t a hasty decision made with an easy adjustment period.

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