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Life Through the Lens

Life Through the Lens

By - November 27th 2014.

Countless individuals have discovered the joy of viewing life through the lens of a camera. Digital technology makes it the perfect time to get started. Digital cameras come in a

Starting a Book Club

By - November 19th 2014.

So, you’ve been a lifelong reader . . . or maybe not. That’s okay! Let’s look at six reasons to keep or start reading, six ways to form a book

Eat Your Veggies

By - November 12th 2014.

First, let me mention that 1. I am not a dietician or a nutritionist 2. I am well aware that readers may have dietary restrictions for many different reasons. The

Helpful Tips…In Case You Forget

By - November 05th 2014.

Alzheimer’s and other conditions that affect our ability to remember even those closest to us are devastating. And while we may refer to having “a senior’s moment,” the possibility of

17 Day Trip Ideas for Retirement and Nursing Home Residents

By - October 29th 2014.

Though you may not have the health, strength, or resources to take exotic vacations, you may be in a position to take day trips even if you live in a

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